Bus and coach transport

On 20 January 2015 the Transport Regulation Authority adopted a set of “Rules” and a “Complaint form” for the assessment of infringements and the imposition of penalties provided for by Legislative decree No 169 of 4 November 2014 implementing the legislation on passengers’ rights in bus and coach transport under Regulation (EU) No 181/2011.

The “Rules” ensure that Italian passengers in bus and coach transport enjoy the same level of protection as that already adopted in other European countries.

Under the “Rules”, passengers that have already filed a complaint to the bus and coach undertaking, may appeal to the Authority in the second instance – also through associations representing their interests, where expressly delegated to do so, in order to report infringements of the obligations provided for under (EU) Regulation No 181/2011 by the bus and coach undertaking.

The Authority may pursue complaints with respect to bus and coach regular passenger services, and not with respect to occasional services. In addition, for bus and coach transport services where the scheduled distance is less than 250 km, only certain reasons for complaint are applicable, as expressly indicated in the “Complaint Form”.

It does not fall within the Authority’s remit to settle disputes between consumers and businesses or to impose penalties on regulated undertakings in the case of compensation and assistance in the event of accidents.



* Note: since January 1, 2017 an online tool for the submission of complaints (SiTe) is also available.