Rail transport

On 4 July 2014 the Transport Regulation Authority adopted a set of “Rules” and a Compliant form” for the assessment of infringements and the imposition of penalties provided for by Legislative decree No 70 of 17 April 2014 implementing the legislation on rail passengers’ rights and obligations under Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007.

The “Rules” ensure that Italian rail passengers enjoy the same level of protection as that already adopted in other European countries.

Passengers or associations representing their interests, where expressly delegated to do so, that have already filed a complaint to the railway undertaking may appeal to the Authority according to the cases, time-limits and conditions set out in Article 3 of the a.m. “Rules”, by using the appropriate “Complaint Form”.

Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 (transposed into Italian law by Legislative decree No 70/2014) on rail passengers’ rights and obligations, defines users’ rights for rail passengers and obligations for railway undertakings. It set outs, inter alia, the information to be provided by railway undertakings, the procedures for issuing tickets and making reservations, the railway undertakings’ liability also with reference to insurance obligations and risk management for passengers’ personal security, the protection of, and assistance to, disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility and the definition and monitoring of service quality standards.



* Note: since January 1, 2017 an online tool for the submission of complaints (SiTe) is also available.