Decision No 56/2018

Published on 31/05/2018

Proceeding for defining regulatory measures aimed at ensuring equitable and non-discriminatory access to bus terminals to meet passenger mobility needs through inter- and intramodal service connection. Conclusion of proceeding

The Authority approved a set of regulatory measures aimed at ensuring equitable and non- discriminatory access to bus terminals located close to railway stations, ports, airports and subways. The measures are designed to meet the mobility needs of passengers and operators through inter- and intramodal service connections.

They include 9 measures that take into consideration, inter alia, the proposal of revision of Regulation (EU) 1073/2009 initiated by the EU Commission and regulate, among others:

  • the Bus Station Information Sheet (Prospetto Informativo dell’Autostazione – PIA) whereby the terminal operator, in order to regulate access and define equitable, non-discriminatory and transparent terms governing the use of terminals, describes the infrastructure characteristics of the terminal, its equipment, internal and external spaces, and the technical and economic conditions of use by the carriers. The Bus Station Information Sheet contains all model contracts to be concluded between the terminal operator and the carrier, including the different services and operational arrangements for the terminal use. The Bus Station Information Sheet is published on the website of the terminal operator or of the bus terminal. Specific monitoring tasks in relation to the terms described therein are assigned to the Authority;
  • terms concerning the use of capacity and the criteria to be adopted to ensure equitable and non-discriminatory use of bus terminal spaces and services and the operational mode of the available spaces and supplied services;
  • elements to define the economic access conditions to the bus terminal in terms of tariffs and/or charges for the exploitation of movement areas, spaces and services;
  • criteria to be adopted to ensure adequate physical accessibility of the bus terminal, including for people with reduced mobility;
  • conditions of commercial accessibility to be applied by ensuring the availability of adequate offices for the sale of the tickets necessary to access all terminal-related transport services;
  • information to be made available to the public and related arrangements for their provision.

Full text of the decision (Italian language)