Decision No 138/2017

Published on 23/11/2017

Compliance with the judgements No. 1097/2017 and No. 1098/2017 of the Regional Administrative Court for Piedmont concerning the Authority’s Decision No. 75/2016 and No. 80/2016 on the charging system to the railway infrastructure and the services provided by the IM. Initiation of proceeding including requirements

The Authority initiated a proceeding to ensure that the IM complies with the judgements (No. 1097/2017 and 1098/2017) by which the Regional Administrative Court for Piedmont declared the full legitimacy of ART’s Decision No. 96/2015, concerning the criteria for the determination of access charges and use of the railway infrastructure, both with reference to the criteria of cost allocation and eligibility and with reference to the regulatory accounting system adopted.

The proceeding is ongoing.

Full text of the decision (Italian language)