The Authority is organised into the following directorates that report to the Secretary general.

Secretary general

Guido Improta

Phone: +39 011.19212.550

Email: SGEN@autorita-trasporti.it


  • coordination of activities, through checking of records, documents and draft proposals to be submitted to the Board and supervision and assessment of directors’ activities;
  • supervision of the publication of the Board’s decisions and their implementation;
  • based on the requirements resulting from work programmes and projects, assignment of staff to the offices and information thereof to the Board; setting up of working groups with staff assigned to different offices;
  • providing for the expenditure necessary for the ordinary management as part of the budget allocation and according to criteria and constraints set by rules on accounting and Board’s decisions.
  • management control – with the support of the Authority’s offices, including through the establishment of joint working groups – aimed at verifying the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of administrative actions as well as the assessment of ART employee performance in relation to the activities carried out by the Evaluation and Strategic Control Committee. The Secretary-General reports to the President and informs regularly the Board on the management control activity;
  • surveillance – with the support of General affairs, administration and human resources – on the employees’ compliance with staff rules and regulations;
  • in case of absence or impediment, the Secretary General is replaced by a delegate;
  • participation, with no voting right, in the Board meetings.

The Secretary General is appointed by the Board and has a three-year mandate.

Institutional and international affairs

Director: Assunta Luisa Perrotti

Phone: +39 011.19212.550

Email: ISIN@autorita-trasporti.it


  • assistance to the President and the Board in the implementation of the Authority’s policies and initiatives concerning national, EU and international institutional relations, including the drafting of cooperation protocols with other institutions;
  • coordination of the participation of Authority’s delegates in working groups and fora organised by other administrations;
  • organization and coordination of events and ceremonial activities;
  • coordination of the drafting of the Annual Report to the Parliament and its publication (in cooperation with ICT).
Legal affairs and litigation

Director: Roberto Gandiglio

Phone: +39 011.19212.500

Email: GIUR@autorita-trasporti.it


  • legal assessment of the measures adopted by the Board;
  • assistance and support to the other offices in dealing with legal issues within their remit;
  • delivery of opinions on specific issues;
  • management of the Authority’s disputes and co-ordination with the Office of the Attorney General and the State Legal Advisory Office;
  • identification of any critical issues for the purpose of the Authority’s planning in the fields within its remit.
Economic Affairs

Director: Cinzia Rovesti

Phone: +39 011.19212.521

Email: ECN@autorita-trasporti.it


  • development and implementation of methodologies and models for the economic and industrial analysis of the relevant sectors and of the structure of regulated markets;
  • proposals for the determination of regulatory criteria and accounting models for regulated businesses with the support of Legal affairs and litigation and Access to infrastructures; proposals for business corporate and accounting separation, if it is necessary to ensure competition;
  • definition and management of statistical databases – with ICT support – related to the regulatory accounting of regulated businesses by ensuring consistency of the economic models adopted;
  • processing and provision of all statistical data necessary for the Authority’s measures and activities, even institutional, including the Annual Report to the Parliament;
  • analysis and surveys including the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) and maintenance of relations with research centers and academia in the field of economic regulation.
General affairs, administration and human resources

Director: Vincenzo Accardo

Phone: +39 011.19212.513

Email: AGA@autorita-trasporti.it


  • procurement of goods and services, maintenance of the goods necessary for the Authority’s operation and supervision of the Authority’s auxiliary services;
  • staff recruitment and legal treatment, application of employment rules and regulations;
  • overseeing of registry and Board secretarial activities;
  • preparation of financial statements, check on income and expenditure, internal audit function;
  • identification of professional training needs, drafting of the relevant annual training programmes in cooperation with the other offices;
  • drafting of financial statements, monitoring and audit of budget and expenditure. It provides for economic and social security treatment of Board members and employees and attends to the activities related to the Authority’s funding, with the support of other competent offices;
  • management of relations with trade unions.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Director: Nushin Farhang

Phone: +39 011.19212.131

Email: ICT@autorita-trasporti.it


  • development, implementation, management and maintenance of the Authority’s IT architecture, planning of its development to support future needs;
  • delivery of IT computer and telecommunication services necessary for the Authority’s activities, including the technological support for IT and document databases and their integration with external sources;
  • drawing up of technical specifications for the procurement of goods and services;
  • handling and protection of confidential data in compliance with legal requirements.
Access to Infrastructures

Director: Roberto Piazza

Phone: +39 011.19212.504

Email: ACC@autorita-trasporti.it


  • drafting of measures which are necessary to ensure fair and non- discriminatory access to railway, port, airport infrastructures and motorway networks, as well as in relation to the mobility of passengers and goods at national, local and urban level, also connected to stations, airports and ports;
  • development of criteria for the adoption of charges, fees, tolls in the regulated transport sectors, taking into account management production efficiency and cost containment for users, businesses and consumers and monitoring of the correct application of the above criteria by the stakeholders;
  • in co-operation with Legal affairs and litigation, preparation of tender schemes for the award of construction and/or management of infrastructures.
Retail services and markets

Director: Ivana Paniccia

Phone: +39 011.19212.500

Email: SMR@autorita-trasporti.it


  • identification of public service areas and of the most efficient ways to finance them, with the support of Economic affairs;
  • development of the minimum quality standards of national and local transport services characterized by public service obligations, identified in accordance with local supply and demand characteristics;
  • drawing up of tender schemes for the direct award of transport services and of the conventions to be included in tender specifications definition of the criteria for the appointment of awarding commissions, with the support of Legal affairs and litigation;
  • with the support of Users’ Rights and Legal affairs and litigation, development of guidelines for the establishment of accessible and cost- effective conciliation and alternative dispute resolution procedures between transport operators and users and monitoring of their application;
  • performance of inquiries associated with ART responsibilities as referred to in Article 37 (2) (m) of the decree establishing the Authority.
Users’ Rights

Director: Katia Gallo

Phone: +39 011.19212.578

Email: DDU@autorita-trasporti.it


  • assessment of complaints, applications and reports filed by users and consumers, both individuals and associations, as for the compliance by the parties operating the regulated service with the quality and charging levels set by the Authority;
  • with respect to the different transport services and infrastructures, analysis of the minimum content of the specific rights, including compensation, which users may claim against infrastructure managers and service operators, taking into account the improvements to be made to service charters;
  • reporting to the Surveillance and enforcement of any repeated critical cases for the purpose of initiating infringement proceedings and provision of guidance for their solution;
  • transmission to the Competition Authority of complaints concerning issues within its remit.
Surveillance and enforcement

Director: Bernardo Argiolas

Phone: +39 011.19212.500

Email: VIS@autorita-trasporti.it


  • surveillance of the compliance with the Authority’s regulatory measures, also for the purpose of initiating infringement or prescriptive proceedings. The office reports to the Board the need for new measures or amendments of existing regulation in the areas within the Authority’s remit;
  • planning and co-ordination of monitoring and inspection of operators, also on the basis of requests from other offices, drafting of preparatory documents for supervisory and control activities, as well as reports of the activities carried out upon conclusion of controls;
  • drawing up of penalty measures in the cases provided for by art. 37 of the decree establishing the Authority, including the exercise of the power to bring an action before court pursuant to paragraph 2 (n) thereof, in cooperation with Retail services and markets.