Andrea Camanzi

Andrea Camanzi is President of the Italian Transport Regulation Authority (ART) since July 2013.

In the current year he is chairing the Independent Regulators’ Group-Rail (IRG-Rail), an international network currently comprising independent rail Regulatory Bodies from 31 European countries.

Before his designation as ART’s President, Andrea Camanzi was a member of the Board of the Italian Authority in charge of the surveillance over public contracts (2007-2013).

Earlier still he had been a top executive in the private sector, where he developed his expertise in the area of the economic regulation of public services, acquired a direct knowledge of the issues and dynamics of newly liberalised markets and experienced how companies adapt their industrial strategies to new institutional set-ups.

He has been Vice-President for Public and Economic affairs and Executive Vice-President for Domestic and Worldwide Competition and Regulatory Affairs in the Telecom Italia group (1999-2006), a member of the Board of the telecom company TIM (1999-2001), Senior Vice-President for Legal, Institutional and Regulatory Affairs of the Olivetti Group (1996-1999) and Vice-president for European Affairs of the Olivetti Group (1992-1996).

His expertise covers national and EU regulation in the field of infrastructures, local public services and transport, with particular regard to new regulations on the ownership and management of the “networks” and the opening of markets to competition.

He chaired the Information, Communication and Computer Policy Group of the OECD BIAC group (2003-2006), being engaged in the comparative studies of economic regulatory models in the context of multilateral Government interaction.

In 2006 through 2008 he has been Professor of Economics and Communication Management at LUISS University in Rome.

He has been a Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Tele-information at Columbia University in New York (2003-2006).

Born in Ravenna in 1949, he graduated cum laude in Economics from the University of Bologna in 1973. He lived and worked many years in Brussels.


October 2018