Online submission of complaints (SiTe)

The rules on penalties applicable to infringements of the provision of EU Regulations concerning rail passengers’ rights and obligations, rights of passengers in bus and coach transport, and rights of passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterway  provide that passengers may lodge their complaints, including by computerised systems, in accordance with the technical procedures established by the Transport Regulation Authority.

As a first step passengers are required to lodge their complaints to the undertaking; only thereafter, in the cases and in compliance with the time-limits set for the different modes of transport:

  • rail transport, after thirty days from its submission without any action taken
  • bus and coach transport, after ninety days from its submission without any action taken
  • transport by sea and inland waterway, after sixty days from its submission without any action taken

passengers may file their complaints to the Authority, including through associations representing  their  interests,  where expressly delegated to do so.  In fact, the Authority is a body of  second-instance which examines the case at issue and assesses the complaints for the purpose of establishing infringements of the provisions of EU Regulations concerning rights of passengers when travelling by rail, bus and coach or sea and inland waterway by transport undertakings.

For this purpose, the Authority set up – on an experimental basis – an online tool for the drafting and filing of complaints (SiTe), which are registered in the system and taken up by the competent offices,  without it being necessary to file them also through other channels. A reference number will be assigned and communicated electronically.

Users are kindly invited to report any malfunctions and send any suggestions by e-mail to