Decision No 96/2015

Published on 18/11/2015

Criteria for determination of charges for access and use of the railway infrastructure

The regulatory measures are aimed at ensuring a balanced and reliable framework of rules and criteria for the determination of charges on conventional and HS networks, in line with EU legislative developments.

A preliminary and not exhaustive examination was carried out on the definition of which costs are directly connected to the provision of railway services and how they should be calculated (pursuant to Article 15 of Legislative Decree No. 188/2003 consistently with the provisions of article 31 (3) of Recast Directive 2012/34), as well as on the definition of the treatment of costs with respect to perimeter of the assets related to the individual services, depreciation criteria to be used, residual value of assets at the end of the concession, working capital which is instrumental to the performance of the services, capital structure used and related cost, operating costs of circulation referred to individual services.

The measures are intended to establish principles and criteria concerning the economic supply conditions, including regulatory accounting obligations, for:

  1. access charge for the use of the national rail infrastructure (the so-called “Minimum Access Package” (MAP) services)
  2. charges and payments for services relating to the national rail infrastructure, not included in MAP charges, if subject to regulation, pursuant to the provisions of Legislative Decree No 112/2015.

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A courtesy translation of the regulatory measures is available below. The Measures were drafted on the basis of the Authority’s Assessment Report.

Full text of the decision (Italian language)

Enclosure 1: Regulatory Measures (courtesy translation)


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